The lack of conformity which exist when the product does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities promised by the seller, does not offer the quality and performance which are normal in goods of same type ( art. 129 of the Consumer Code).

It's announced that speaking of handicrafts, color differences or imperfections are evidence of oryginality and craftmanship and are not considered defects by the Fornace di Bisanzio.

In case of lack of conformity, the consumer is required to communicate to the Fornace di Bisanzio by mailk, legalmail or by registered mail, within 24 hours of receiving the item, the no-compliance found in the same.

Following on audit, the customer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement. (art. 130 of the Consumer Code). In addiction, the customer may require, at its option, the seller to repair the goods (only for the mosaics) or replace, without charge, in both case, unless the remedy requested is impossible or disproportionate to the other. Any repair or replacement shall be completed within a reasonable time from the request of the consumer; the average time of delivery to the consumer of the products is 24 working days. If within 60 days, La Fornace di Bisanzio, was not able to return the product, the customer may request an alternative remedies (replacement, cancellation of the contract, price reduction).



The customer shall:

- send an email communication, legalmail or by registered letter, within 24 hours of receveing the item in the Fornace di Bisanzio, indicating the defect of the product;

- prepare the product for shipping accurately and including all accessories and everything contained originally in the product package;

La Fornace di Bisanzio will contact the customer to agree on the withdrawal of the product (the unavaibility of telephone customer will delay the withdrawal of the product).

La Fornace di Bisanzio will replace the product.